A Unique University and Industry Cooperation for Defence Technology

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Ministry of National Defence (MND) has recently put a great emphasis on improvement of national defence systems. In this context, MND and Turkish Armed Forces have given some thoughts to meet the needs of nationwide defence systems on a maximum scale.

Today, researches indicate that the half of the needs of MND is provided from domestic sources. A highly developed human infrastructure is quite crucial for industrialized ground, naval and airforce vehicles via advancing communication systems, electronical receivers, strengthening ammunition as rockets and missile weapons.

Within the frameworks of university – industry cooperation projects; scientists, students and research teams of Gedik University, Gedik Welding and Gedik Casting and Valve technologies provide this unique combination under one roof and present services for national defence systems such as MILGEM (National Ship Project). Postgraduate and doctoral students are able to learn state-of-the-art knowledge and join in the industrial practices and projects.