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gedik-casting-and-valve-logoGedik Casting & Valve is owned by GEDIK HOLDING, one of the biggest conglomerates of Turkey which also operates in welding, finance and education sectors with its leader establishments.

The Company has three divisions namely, Sand Casting, Investment Casting and TERMO Valve and Armatures. Gedik Casting &Valve’s headquarter is based in Pendik-Istanbul where it also has its precision/sand casting and TERMO valve production facilities. The company opened its new environment friendly foundry at the 2nd Organized Zone of Sakarya, Hendek (160 km southeast of Turkey) in the beginning of 2012 and quadrupled its sand casting capacity .MILESTONES

Gedik Casting and Valve started its activities as one of the first valve manufacturing plants of Turkey with the brand name of “TERMO Steam Equipments” in 1967.

TERMO has obtained fast growth and development since its establishment and in 1991, it has become an integrated plant which realizes every stage from casting to the finished product by merging with “SIRMETAL Precision Casting”, one of the companies of GEDIK HOLDING and has taken on the name “GEDIK Casting and Valve” as a result of this merger.AREA OF ACTIVITIES

– Gedik Sand Casting

Gedik Sand Casting facilities were primarily established for the production of body and pieces of TERMO valves. Sand casting, which casts pig Iron, sphero, steel, stainless steel and bronze materials by high quality automatic moulding, is at the same time, fulfils the product demands that come from different industrial sectors such as Automotive, Machinery, Energy, Construction, and Pump & Valve.

– Gedik Precision Casting

Precision casting method was introduced by Gedik Casting in Turkey. This is an ideal casting method for the production of small and high number of pieces that provide the image of extremely clean and smooth surface.
Besides standard low and high alloy carbon steels, stainless steel, aluminum and copper alloyed pieces from 1 gr to 60 kg, are produced at the GEDIK Casting precision casting facilities.The sectors served are Textile, Defense, Automotive, Medicine, Machine, Valve &Pump, Electronics.

– TERMO Valves & Armatures

Gedik Casting is the producer of TERMO brand valves and armatures since 1967. TERMO is one of the most preferred valve brand in Turkey and abroad, thanks to its decades of experience in wide range of sectors and accumulated know how.

TERMO products, which are manufactured in accordance with such national and international standards as TSE, ISO 9001-2008, CE, GOST, Sepro, AD 2000-W0, AD 2000-HPO, Bureau Veritas and Turkish Lloyd, are being used in industrial plants, power plants, chemistry, petroleum and shipbuilding industries, heating and cooling systems as well as steam, superheated water, LPG, natural gas, petroleum and all sorts of chemical liquid applications.

TERMO’s primary goal is to produce valves and armatures with advanced design features such as high energy efficiency, low maintenance and improved safety. In order to achieve this goal Gedik Casting invests in R&D ever since it was established. Furthermore it is the pioneer of new technologies in the domestic market.


Hendek Facility

GEDIK Holding has increased its casting and valve produciton capacities with the new foundry built in 2nd Organized Industrial Zone of Hendek, located at 160 km South-east of Istanbul. With this new foundry, which has 25.000 square meter closed area, GEDIK Casting and Valve’s sand casting capacity increased from 5.000 tons/year to 25.000 tons/year with following facilities.

  • Horizontal flaskless molding line with capacity of 250 mould/hour
  • Steel casting automatic molding up to 400 kg with resin-cored monding
  • Cooling and sorting conveyor system for effective casting handling
  • Two fully automated independence sand plants
  • 4 medium frequency induction furnaces
  • Machining workshop capabilities
  • Automatic continues grinding and trimming system
  • Fully equipped metallurgical laboratories and NDT



Address : Ankara Caddesi  34906 No:306 Şeyhli / Pendik-ISTANBUL-TÜRKİYE

Phone: +90 216 307 12 62

Fax: +90 216 307 28 68-69


Address : Sakarya 2. OSB 11 No’lu Yol, No:6 Hendek- SAKARYA
Phone:+90 264 290 12 00 (25 Hat)
Fax: +90 264 290 12 21
Web Site:

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